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European Green Deal: Call for demo projects

European Green Deal: Call for demo projects

La Conférence Suisse des Architectes (CSA) représente la FAS, le SIA et la FSAI dans les organisations internatinales, notammente dans le Conseil des Architectes d'Europe (CAE).

Le CAE a lancé un Call for demonstration projetcs, que nous sommes hereux à partager.

The Architect’s Council of Europe would like to inform you of an opportunity to join a research proposal under the H2020-LC-GD-2020 Call “Building a low-carbon, climate resilient future: Research and Innovation in support of the European Green Deal”.

The ACE has a long experience participating in EU funded research projects and has already accepted an invitation from the Department of Architecture and Technology of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) to become a consortium partner. NTNU will be coordinating the ARV* project proposal for Climate Positive Circular Communities.

The overall objective of ARV* is to deliver 2–4 large scale, real-life demonstration projects of climate positive circular communities.

The demo project sites should

  • be located in different European climates and contexts and include different building types (residential and public buildings);
  • encompass the design, construction and monitoring/validation of new and/or the renovation of buildings and infrastructure within the time frame of the ARV* project (2022–2025).

The demonstration projects should serve as innovation-hubs for co-creation of innovative technologies, processes and services, and should address (most of) the following 8 focus areas:

  1. Sustainable Building Design
  2. Resource efficient industrial construction and renovation workflows
  3. Innovative renewable energy generation
  4. Neighbourhood optimized storage systems
  5. Highly efficient neighbourhood operation
  6. Citizen awareness raising and training
  7. Co-ordination of standards and regulations
  8. Scalability of concepts

Please see the attached concept/invitation note and the project template for further information. This is an excellent opportunity for architects and urban planners involved in demonstration communities to make a real impact.

Deadline for feedback: 21st October 2020, please reply to ACE Secretariat: