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Architekturforum Biel – Kjellander Sjöberg

Architekturforum Biel – Kjellander Sjöberg
18:30 - 20:00
Farelhaus - Oberer Quai 12, 2502 Biel

Kjellander Sjöberg 

Stockholm, Schweden
Referent / Conférencier: Stefan Sjöberg
Vortragssprache / Langue de la conférence: englisch

Established 1998 in Stockholm, KS is a multi-nationality practice led by Ola Kjellander, Stefan Sjöberg, Mi Inkinen and Lena Viterstedt. The award winning, medium-sized studio has been recognised for its influence on contemporary architecture, urban practice, sustainability and architectural discourse. Every KS project tells a story of its essential elements: Life, Society, Fabric, Form, Environment. 

Stefan Sjöberg, founding partner

Stefan Sjöberg leads the total work of KS with expertise in architecture and urban development. He drives innovative projects emphasizing social interaction, urban qualities and sustainability. His work initiates inspiring ways to interweave public space with vibrant physical environments adaptive to use, contemporary lifestyles and culture. By discovering new connections, programmes and spatial organisations, his work aims to realise all the potentials of space and form within a given context.