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2022 UIA International Forum

2022 UIA International Forum

Affordable Housing Activation – Removing Barriers

The 2022 UIA International Forum will take place in Madrid, Spain from 18-20 May. The event seeks to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Create a knowledge base through experts in different disciplines
  • Identify problems and good practices around the world
  • Put realistic and viable solutions into action
  • Define the lines of action for the long term
  • Focus on the climate emergency and other crises around the world
  • Be a collaborative, innovative, modern and paradigmatic event

Housing is a right that concerns every country, not just the most underprivileged, and even though states’ particular situations maybe different, there are problems common to all of them. Identifying these problems and finding solutions to them is a challenge, duty and responsibility we all share.
The New Urban Agenda (NUA), approved during the Habitat III Conference, is intended to establish the principles of policies on inclusive urban spaces and on providing access to basic services. Cities are regarded as an important force for global development in the NUA, which also raises the issue of how we should be managing the challenge of the process of urbanisation to improve the lives of all.
In relation to housing, the NUA defines the priorities for achieving Goal 11 of the 2030 Agenda, which are governance, planning and finance. Specifically, there is a need for a defined governance structure, to create and maintain the planning and management of spatial and urban development, and to establish solid financing mechanisms.
It is on the basis of these aspirations that the AHA Forum seeks to promote joint work by stakeholders, both in the government sphere and in the private sector, to generate coalitions, to renew and incentivise sustainable development, to define and detail the barriers that block access to housing, to be achieved by disseminating empirical, practical knowledge, analysing and compiling data, promoting best practices, and creating global networks and alliances.

More information: www.ahamadrid.com