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FSA recommends: SwissSpringSchool 01

FSA recommends: SwissSpringSchool 01

Arts and Crafts – smart

SwissSpringSchool is organised by the Architectural Council of Switzerland. It is a project week offering a new joint teaching format and a discussion platform of all Swiss schools of architecture. FAS is member of the Architectural Council of Switzerland.

Building today is becoming increasingly industrialised and digitalised. At the same time, good architecture, especially in Switzerland, is characterised by high demands on individually optimised craftsmanship and entrepreneurism based on innovative prototypes. SwissSpringSchool uses and addresses the specific quality of artisan culture in  Eastern Switzerland and neighbouring Vorarlberg. It is due to take place in 2019 at ArchitekturWerkstatt, University of Applied Sciences, FHS St. Gallen. Each participant school will be in charge of one design studio.

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